The Foreseeable Future

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  He ran into Gretel's room without knocking and discovered her placing her civilization of dolls on various shelves around the room.

  'What are you doing in here?' she shouted, spinning round. 'Don't you know don't enter a lady's room without knocking?'

  'You didn't bring all your dolls with you, surely?' asked Bruno, who had developed a habit of ignoring most of his sister's questions and asking a few of his own in their place.

  'Of couse I did', she replied. 'You don't think I'd left them at home? Why, it could be weeks before we're back there again.'

  'Weeks?' said Bruno, sounding disappointed but secretly pleased because he'd resigned himself to the idea of spending a month there. 'Do you really think so?'

  'Well, I asked Father and he said we would be here for the foreseeable future.'

  'What is foreseeable future exactly?' asked Bruno, sitting down on the side of her bed.

  'It means weeks from now,' said Gretel with an intelligent nod of her head. 'Perhaps as long as three.'

  'That's all right then,' said Bruno. 'As long as it's just for the foreseeable future and not for a month. I hate it here.'

  Gretel looked at her little brother and found herself agreeing with him for once. 'I know what you mean,' she said. 'It's not very nice, is it?'

  'It's horrible,' said Bruno.

The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas, P23~24
John Boyne
ISBN 978-1-862-30527-4

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