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2014.10.06~12一周内,周末读书天为“失读症意识周 Dyslexia Awareness Week”,分享了几本“失读症友好的少年英文读物 Dyslexia Friendly Books”:

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砂卡礑林道 2014年3月﹍不專業生態記錄


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Spectrum of Behavior

图片取自 Curling Up by the Fire

  We all fall on the spectrum of behavior somewhere. She puts one of her hand on one side of the table and her other grips the far side. Here's the spectrum. She says. It's a line and we're all on it. Some of us are farther along the line than others.


图片取自 Curling Up by the Fire

  See? It's too hard!

  But you did it! All we're doing now is working on refinement. You just have to keep trying. It's all about finesse.


The Word Soon

图片取自 Curling Up by the Fire

  I don't like the word soon because you don't know when it's going to sneak up on you and turn into NOW. Or maybe it'll be the kind of soon that never happens. Like when I asked Dad and Devon when the chest would be finished. They said soon.


My Father Wrote My Speech

图片取自 Team Booktopia’s 2013 Favourites

  My father wrote my speech. In it he argued that if you want to do good, but do it in a bad way, that's still bad. In the same way, if you choose a good method to do something bad it's still bad. He ended it with Lincoln's words: 'it is far more honourable to fail than to cheat.'

Not My Islam!

图片取自 Team Booktopia’s 2013 Favourites

  Many students argued that the book should be banned and burned and the fatwa upheld. My father also saw the book as offensive to Islam but suggested: 'First, let's read the book and then why not respond with our own book.' He ended by asking in a thundering voice my grandfather would have been proud of, 'Is Islam such a weak religion that it cannot tolerate a book written against it? Not my Islam!'



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Books are Not Like People

图片取自 Curling Up by the Fire

  I find thirty-two books in the library about how the Heart works. Dad talks with the librarian and says it's okay for me to use his card too so I can check out a lot of books. Some of them are kids' books and some are adult books but I can read anything because my reading score is so high they can't even rate it. When I was in Kindergarten I was above eighth-grade level and that was as far as you could get in Kindergarten. Now I'm in fifth grade which is why I can read anything Dad can.


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2014-41(失读症周) 阅读分享

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图片取自 香港教育城

  保护区有其好处,但不得不强调它并非解决所有问题的灵丹妙药,反而成立保护区好比一把两刃剑,发挥不到其功用反令问题变得更为严重!以中国为例,在珠江口及厦门这两个中华白海豚国家级保护区,居然容许大型基建在区内进行,于是海豚在保护区的“照料”下,数量不升反跌。外界一般视这些保护区为“Paper Park”,意即“纸上谈兵”式的,令人误以为有关当局已尽力保护海洋资源,但实质只是虚有其表。



图片取自 香港教育城

  我们接触大自然及其中生物的愿意是好的,但因为我们的贪婪、自私,及难以自制的占有欲,由看它变成害它,这不是很可悲吗?观豚活动的根源问题正是如此,只因为我们太想靠近而滋扰到它们。这样的旅游方式,最终只落得一拍两散 。



图片取自 Georgetown Elementary Art Blog




失读症周。A Nice Place

图片取自 Stepping Out of the Page

  So I got straight onto Google Maps and started searching. I put in our postcode and zoomed and scrolled around until I found the right place.


失读症周。To Be Good

图片取自 Barrington Stoke

  "What do you think it means, to be good?" she asked Marie.

失读症周。Heard the Feelings

图片取自 Barrington Stoke

  Sometimes, when she was so tired her whole body was sore and she could barely stay awake, Rosie would sit on the deck and stare at the stars, and often Jimmy would come and sit beside her. One time Rosie told him about the things that had happened to her before, when she had gone back in time to Spanish Armada and to World War I. She knew Jimmy didn't understand any of the words, but she thought perhaps he understood the feelings. One time, she cried as she spoke about Jack, the soldier she had met in Belgium, and Nurse Cavell, who had died such a sad and brave death. Jimmy held her hand.

失读症周。Empty Inside

图片取自 Barrington Stoke

  In the rest of the hospital, there were beds everywhere, each one with a man in it. Many were badly hurt. Some had bandages on their arms and legs. Some had bandages where their arms and legs used to be. Many of those ones lay very still, their faces pale in the harsh morning light, almost as if they were dead already.

失读症周。A Cruel Idiot

图片取自 Barrington Stoke

  "Don't let her drink yet," he told Rosie. "Walk her back and forth a bit first to let her cool down. Take the saddle off and rub her with this." He held out the cloth. "There's hay in the stable over there you can give her. Then let her drink. Cold water on a hot stomach's bad for a horse. You wouldn't want to do that to her."


失读症周。Work Together

图片取自 Jim Eldridge -
Books for Reluctant Readers

  A man with a big grey beard stepped forward and said something in Pushtu. Sari nodded and answered him.

  "What was that about?" Adam asked.

失读症周。Do Ghosts Dream?

图片取自 Barrington Stoke

  With a swift movement he turned, took the silver box and bought it over. His hands stroked it, leaving muddy smears on the perfect oak leaves. He sat on the bed and looked at her. "I've dreamed of this."

  "Do ghosts dream?"



图片取自 Bounce

  Joe finished shoving the paper in. He got the matches out. "Anyway," he said, "he was a bloody conchie, wasn't he?"

  Conchie. The word came from before any of us were born. Mr Eustace wouldn't fight in the Second World War. He was against all war - he couldn't attack his fellow man. He was a conscientious objector. My dad and the other lads's dads went off to risk their lives fighting the Germans and the Japanese. But Mr Eustace was sent to jail instead, then they let him out to work on a farm in Durham.

失读症周。Love Without A Heart

图片取自 goodreads

  In the end, he sat up. There was something new in his eyes. "You don't have a heart beat," he said, and his voice shook. "You ... There's nothing there."

  "James," I said, "listen ..."



图片取自 Barrington Stoke

  In Geography at school we'd learned about earthquake and tidal waves and hurricanes. And I learned a new word: aftermath. It meant what was left behind after the disaster had struck. All of the smashed cars and destroyed houses and dead people were the aftermath.

失读症周。So Very Much

图片取自 Barrington Stoke

  Kate thought about the book. She knew that books could make you laugh, or make you cry. They could be thrilling, or scary, or romantic. They could take you all around the world, and beyond. They could make you see things from some else's point of view. They could challenge you. They could help you understand. They could bring comfort. So much. So very much.

失读症周。The Easiest Thing in the World

图片取自 Barrington Stoke

  What about the fox and the photos? How did they move?

  Why do you think it took me so long to unscrew one light bulb? We always do something with photos if we can, but the fox was great. It was too good an idea to miss. And what I did with it worked really well.


失读症周。Who would it be Next Week?

图片取自 Sally Nicholls

  One month ago I was going to marry Dan.

  One week ago I was going to marry Sir William.

  Now I was going to marry Adam.

  Who would it be next week?

失读症周。She Just ... Understood

图片取自 Sally Nicholls

  The thing about Maddy was, she knew what that felt like. Maddy was the only person I could talk to about school. I told her all about Jade and Catherine. I told her how horrible it was to always have the wrong shoes, and the wrong bag, and the wrong hair. She knew how horrible it was to not have any friends. She didn't try and come up with ways I could fix everything, or tell me to try harder. She just ... understand.