I'm Sorry

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  'What happened to you?' he asked and then didn't wait for an answer. 'Was it your bicycle?' Because that happened to me back in Berlin a couple of years ago. I fell off when I was going too fast and was black and blue for weeks. Does it hurt?'

  'I don't feel it any more,' said Shmuel.

  'It looks like it hurts.'

  'I don't feel anything any more,' said Shmuel.

  'Well, I am sorry about last week,' said Bruno. 'I hate Lieutenant Kotler. He thinks he's in charge but he isn't.' He hesitated for a moment, not wanting to get sidetracked. He felt that he should say it one last time and really mean it. 'I'm very sorry, Shmuel,' he said in a very clear voice. 'I can't believe I didn't tell him the truth. I've never let a friend down like that before. Shmuel, I'm ashamed of myself.'

  And when he said that, Shmuel smiled and nodded and Bruno knew that he was forgiven, and then Shmuel did something that he had never done before. He lifted the bottom of the fence up like he did whenever Bruno brought him food, but this time he reached his hand out and held it there, waiting until Bruno did the same, and then the two boys shook hands and smiled at each other.

  It was the first time they had ever touched.

The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas, P175
John Boyne
ISBN 978-1-862-30527-4

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