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听林二汶的这首歌,适合配杯鸡尾酒,轻轻随歌声和旋律摇摆的一个夜晚 …… 累了,坐下静静听着打拍子也很不错 …… 把一周的闷气换掉,迎接周末的来临 ^^

p.s. 歌词也很有意思唷 :)



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就算平时把日子安排得满满的,看起来一点都不寂寞 …… 事实如此?

小小管理员很喜欢的一首歌,歌词很诗意可是也非常诚实!写着许许多多城市人心里的话?…… 时不时,就会找出来,让它来陪伴不寂寞的夜晚,科科 ^^



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Abundance . . .

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…… Just think about it: what can make human beings suffer more than awareness of their limits? I don't mean fear of death, I mean our suffering at realizing our intelligence is limited. But when we go into library and look at all those bookcases stretching into the distance, what descends on our soul, if not grace? Spiritually, we can at last fill the terrible emptiness that makes us just worms creeping on this earth. Those endless bookshelves reflect back to us an ideal image, the image of the full range of the human mind. Then all the paths are made plain, everything's newly created once more, and we move closer to a mystical vision of Abundance. The inexhaustible milk of human culture, right here, within our reach. Help yourself, it's free. Borrow, because as much as accumulation of material things impoverishes the soul, cultural abundance enriches it. My culture doesn't stop where someone else's begins. In fact, the library is the place where the greatest solidarity between humans takes place. Humanity, in its most depressing and suffering state, the most beautiful humanity there is, actually the sinners, the unemployed, the cold weather refugees, they're all around me here. Knock and it shall be opened to you, ask and you shall be served . . . What? You're laughing? Oh good grief, for once I was being serious, and I got carried away again. But you're right, let me put it more clearly. So you can understand, I'll tell you who typically never sets foot here: a rich white man between the ages of thirty-five and fifty. Why? Because in the group age, he's part of the barbaric ruling class. Monsieur doesn't make use of public services. You'll never see Monsieur on a bus. Monsieur doesn't need to share with other people, because Monsieur owns things. It's a long time now since Monsieur's madame went to borrow some eggs from neighbour. Because for Mother's day, she got a three-speed mixer, and if Monsieur cares to read a book, he buys it. But in any case, reading is already an act of weakness. Monsieur doesn't have the time. He has a subscription to a sports club. Does he ever think about facilities provided by his local council? No, he thinks he's all powerful, a self-made man, what an ass. ……