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又是一部看电影时,听回来的歌 …… 又看过“Boyhood”(少年时代)这部用十二年来拍摄电影的朋友,应该也又发现电影原声歌曲也都很好听,这就是其中一首。还记得那个周末从电影院回到家,就马上上网来搜这首 :)

最近重看了电影,当然也要来重听一下这首很爱的歌 ~~~~

p.s. 歌词很有意思哦^^



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这一周图书分享: 共 4 本

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Ain't Nobody Can Write Down in A Book What You Worth

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  Goods and chattel. The words from the leather book came into my head. We were like the gold leaf mirror and the horse saddle. Not full-fledge people. I didn't believe this, never had believed it a day of my life, but if you listen to white folks long enough, some sad, beat-down part of you starts to wonder. All the pride about what we were worth left me then. For the first time, I felt the hurt and shame of just being who I was.

People Who Lost Our Magic

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  There was a time in Africa the people could fly. Mauma told me this one night when I was ten years old. She said, "Handful, your granny mauma saw it for herself. She say they flew over trees and clouds. She say they flew like blackbirds. When we came here, we left that magic behind."

  My mauma was shrewd. She didn't get any reading and writing like me. Everything she knew came from living on the scarce side of mercy. She looked at my face, how it flowed with sorrow and doubt, and she said, "You don't believe me? Where you think these shoulder blades of yours come from, girl?"