I Felt Like Tom Hanks

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  At the first sign of the barking during those interviews, I would hide in a room with the doors closed. They haven't invented doors that could keep out the kinds of sounds our dogs could generate, but they helped a little.

  One time I was doing an interview with a Seattle station, and I was hiding in a closed room to avoid the noise. I wasn't having much success, so I further insulated myself by going into a closet within that room and closing that door as well. So there I was, sitting in a dark closet at night, talking to a Seattle radio host. I felt like Tom Hanks.

  I told the host what I was doing, and he laughed at the mere thought of my hiding like that. I told him that when the barking died down, he would soon be able to publicize the fact that an author had come out of the closet, live on this show.

Dogtripping, 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3RVs
on Our Caine Cross-Country Adventure
, p186
David Rosenfelt
ISBN 978-1-250-01469-6

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