失读症周。A Nice Place

图片取自 Stepping Out of the Page

  So I got straight onto Google Maps and started searching. I put in our postcode and zoomed and scrolled around until I found the right place.

  Like I said before, all I'd ever seen when I looked at the countryside were the bare fields. But that was wrong. I'd lived there all my life but all of a sudden now I could see loads of things that I never even knew were there. There were little streams and, more importantly, woods. Some of them were quite big. The thing is that a lot of them were miles off the main roads, so you'd never know about them. I thought I might have spotted some of them from the top deck of the bus, but not in a way that had sunk in.

  When I switched to the satellite view it was even better. You could zoom right down so could see every single tree.

  I'd always thought about the place I lived as a bit of dump. But now I saw it like this, from above, with fields and the trees, it looked like a nice place after all.

Brock, P94~95
Anthony McGowan
ISBN 978-1-78112-208-2

* note: this one of the tested Dyslexia Friendly Books by Barrington Stoke.

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