失读症周。Heard the Feelings

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  Sometimes, when she was so tired her whole body was sore and she could barely stay awake, Rosie would sit on the deck and stare at the stars, and often Jimmy would come and sit beside her. One time Rosie told him about the things that had happened to her before, when she had gone back in time to Spanish Armada and to World War I. She knew Jimmy didn't understand any of the words, but she thought perhaps he understood the feelings. One time, she cried as she spoke about Jack, the soldier she had met in Belgium, and Nurse Cavell, who had died such a sad and brave death. Jimmy held her hand.

  Jimmy talked too. Rosie couldn't even tell when one word ended and the next started, but she heard the feelings in what he said. There would be a sudden sadness, a break in his voice as he tried to hold back tears, and she knew that he was talking about the place he had come from. They would each fall silent, sitting side by side like old friends. One time Rosie even fell asleep.


Blood Red Rose, P50
Anne Perry
ISBN 978-1-84299-955-4

* note: this one of the tested Dyslexia Friendly Books by Barrington Stoke.

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“失读症意识周 Dyslexia Awareness Week”

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~ 关心周遭,尊重每一个声音 ~

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