Just a Myth

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  "What do you mean about gates and bridges?" I asked.

  "Hmm . . . just that whole passageway feeling. Like there's gotta be something better on the other side."

  "Oh," I said. I squared a row of boxes with my hands and went on stacking. "Do you think that's true?"

  Soula shrugged. "Probably just a myth. But the human race likes to have things to believe in. Including me. I've always wanted to move over to the other side of Freeman's Bridge. Get out of the city. I've got it in my head that I could get a better life. A safer life," she added.


  "Uh-huh. Seems to me that places where there's more grass and more trees is safer. The city has dangers, you konw. Even our little corner here, I'm afraid." Soula stared at the floor ahead of her and was quiet for a moment.

  I waited, then asked, "Like the brown fields?"

  "Yes, Cookie. And the exhaust and the refuse, the use and misuse and then no use at all. I mean, look out back here." She pointed a thumb toward the Empty Acre and shook her head. "What can you do with a cement field full of holes? Waste, waste, waste, waste. And here I am, selling junk food outta the micro-nuker, cigarettes, gasoline by the tankful! Talk about waste! I'm part of it too."

  "Hmm. But you know, Soula, I've got a grandpa and he lives across the bridge and up on a farm. He got an orchard and a vegetable garden and I guess he's healthy." I thought for a second. "But he's kind of a grump. Like he isn't any happier for living there."

  "No?" she said. A little smirk came loose at one corner of her mouth.

  I shook me head. "I know the health stuff is important, but I think there's more to getting happy than that."

Waiting for Normal, P44~45
Leslie Connor
ISBN 978-0-06-089089-6

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