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  "I think you need heroes, too," I said. I made a little fist for punch.

  "Heroes?" she asked. "Liked friends and family?"

  "They can be friends or family," I said. "Webster's says——"


  "The dictionary," I explained. "A hero is someone who sets themselves apart from others. You know——someone who is strong or shows courage, takes a risk. And I know Webster's is probably talking about well-known heroes. Like from the newspapers and history books. Inventors and athletes and people like Martin Luther King."

  "Uh-huh." Soula was still listening.

  "But don't you think it's possible . . ." ——I twisted up my face——". . . that every person is a hero to someone else?" I said.

  Soula sat back. She blinked at me once and said, "Well, Little Cookie, I guess you could be right. Never thought of it myself."

  "Never thought of what?" Elliot asked as he came through the door. He paused at the cash counter, running one hand through his close red hair and straightening the Quick-Pick sign with his other.

  "Heroes," Soula answered. "Addie says we've all got 'em."

  "Hope so." Elliot grinned. "Makes living kinda scary, otherwise."

  The three of us looked at one another for a second or two. I did a double thumbs-up in agreement. Then Soula and Elliot each put up two thumbs with me.

  "Six thumbs up," I said. "You can't beat that!"

Waiting for Normal, P45~46
Leslie Connor
ISBN 978-0-06-089089-6

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