I Had Borrowed It

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  I don't think it was that conversation with Dwight, and it wasn't anything in particular that happened while I was there, but while I was in the inn I started feeling like a Tootsie Roll Pop. On the outside I was having a shiny-good colorful time. But I could feel my chewy, gooey center squishing and squashing inside of me.

  Each day we did fun things: We went sledding on the hill in front of the inn. We built snowmen and gave them radish mouths and carrot noses. We listened to music and danced in the big, unfinished great room of inn, where the new stone fire-place roared with its first blaze. I hung on to Dwight's strong hand as he swung me around and around to the music, then sent me sliding across the new floor on my socks. I read a hundred books a day to Katie while Brynna mouthed all the words, which she had memorized. I sat in an old soft chair at night and braided Hannah's hair while she sat on the floor between my feet. But I always felt weird——sad——at the end of every day. And all too quickly, we were out of days.

  The last night, we set the table together. I watched Katie folding napkins and Brynna marching in with the silverware. Hannah swished by in her oven mitts with the casserole and Dwight stuck a match to light the candles. I froze the picture. This was the end. It's all been mine but only for a while. I had borrowed it——like the flute——and tomorrow I'd have to return it. I knew then and there I couldn't keep on doing it forever. Something had to change.

Waiting for Normal, P213~214
Leslie Connor
ISBN 978-0-06-089089-6

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