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1。Xiaomei Wee(2015.03.06One by One by One by One

2。Xiaomei Wee(2015.03.08Nothing is, Anymore

3。Xiaomei Wee(2015.03.08A Baby Born with No Chance

4。Mai XW(2015.03.08)What's Wrong with these Mirrors?

5。Mai XW(2015.03.08)拿努克


* 松露玫瑰(2015.03.07)星期六讀書日。小愛麗絲長大後



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  1.   We never had visitors, ever. Susie had no friends. When I was with my mother and father I was outside all day, helping my father with animals, helping my mother with the corn, playing with my cousins. Outside was where we lived. There were no walls to the church or the schoolhouse; we only went into the house to sleep. People drifted from one hut to another. "Hodi, hodi," they would call, picking their feet over the chickens, and they would come and sit around the cooking pots and talk and talk. Oh, Bibi!

    The Girl Who Saw Lions, P135~136
    Berlie Dorherty
    ISBN 978-1-59643-377-9

  2.   "There is one problem, that I have to tell you now," Molly went on. "Her parents both died of AIDS. We have no way of knowing whether Abela is HIV positive herself, or is a carrier. She may be. She can't be tested without her parents' consent, and they're dead. I have to tell you this."

      The silence went on forever. I knew exactly what Mum was thinking. I knew a lot about AIDS from television programs and school. I knew that it was a terrible problem, particularly in parts of Africa. What if that little girl is HIV positive? What if she dies of AIDS? To adopt a child and lose her would be more than Mum could bear. But I knew what else she was thinking. To give a chance of happiness to someone in this situation is a rare gift. It doesn't happen very often. I'd heard Mum say that many times. Putting money in a charity box is easy, she says. Taking a bundle of cast-off clothes to Oxfam costs you nothing at all. But this was something else, something big and scary, and something that would affect our lives, forever. And I willed her to say yes. Your mother has so much love to give, Nana had said. Well, so have I. We can do it. We can do it together, Mum. I went and stood behind her, touching her just lightly on the shoulder. It's what she does to me sometimes, when I need a bit of support.

      "Yes," said Mum at last. "I'll come and meet her."

    The Girl Who Saw Lions, P232
    Berlie Dorherty
    ISBN 978-1-59643-377-9