Trade Alzheimer's for Cancer in a Heartbeat

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  But at some point, she would forget how to eat an ice cream cone, how to tie her shoe, and how to walk. At some point, her pleasure neurons would become corrupted by an onslaught of aggregating amyloid, and she'd no longer be capable of enjoying the things she loved. At some point, there would simply be no point.

  She wished she had cancer instead. She'd trade Alzheimer's for cancer in a heartbeat. She felt ashamed for wishing for this, and it was certainly a pointless bargaining, but she permitted the fantasy anyway. With cancer, she' have something that she could fight. There was surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. There was the chance that she could win. Her family and the community at Harvard would rally behind her battle and consider it noble. And even if defeated in the end, she'd be able to look them knowingly in the eye and say good-bye before she left.

  Alzheimer's disease was entirely different kind of beast. There were no weapons that could slay it. Taking Aricept and Namenda felt like aiming a couple of leaky squirt guns in the face of a blazing fire. John continued to probe into the drugs in clinical development, but she doubted that any of them were ready and capable of making a significant difference for her, else he would already have been on the phone with Dr. Davis, insisting on a way to get her on them. Right now, everyone with Alzheimer's faced with the same outcome, whether they were eighty-two or fifty, resident of the Mount Auburn Manor of full professor of psychology at Harvard University. The blazing fire consumed all. No one got out alive.

Still Alice, p117
Lisa Genova
ISBN 978-1-4391-0281-7

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