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  "Okay, Alice, can you spell the word water backwards for me?" he asked.

  She would have found this question trivial and even insulting six months ago, but today, it was a serious questions to be tackled with serious effort. She felt only marginally worried and humiliated by this, not nearly as worried and humiliated as she would've felt six months ago. More and more, she was experiencing a growing distance from her self-awareness. Her sense of Alice —— what she knew and understood, what she liked and disliked, how she felt and perceived —— was also like a soap bubble, ever higher in the sky and more difficult to identify, with nothing but the thinnest lipid membrane protecting it from popping into thinner air.

  Alice spelled water forward first, to herself, extending the five fingers on her left hand, one for each letter, as she did.

  "R." She folded down her pinkie. She spelled it forward to herself again, stopping at her ring finger, which she then folded down.

  "E." She repeated the same process.

  "T." She held her thumb and pointer finger like a gun. She whispered, "A, W," to herself.

  "A, W."

  She smiled, her left hand raised in a victorious fist, and looked at John. He spun his wedding ring and gave a dispirited smile.

  "Good job," said Dr. Davis. He smiled widely and seemed impressed. Alice liked him.

  "Now, I'd like you to point to the window after you touch your right cheek with your left hand."

  She lifted her left hand to her face. Pop!

  "I'm sorry, can you tell me the directions again?" asked Alice, her left hand still poised in front of her face.


Still Alice, p242~243
Lisa Genova
ISBN 978-1-4391-0281-7

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