Once You Learn How to Die, You Learn How to Live

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  "I'm going to say it again," he said. "Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live." He smiled, and I realized what he was doing. He was making sure I absorbed this point, without embarrassing me by asking. It was part of what made him a good teacher.

  Did you think much about death before you got sick, I asked.

  "No." Morrie smiled. "I was like everyone else. I once told a friend of mine, in a moment of exuberance, 'I'm gonna be the healthiest old man you ever met!' "

  How old were you?

  "In my sixties."

  So you were optimistic.

  "Why not? Like I said, no one really believes they're going to die."

  But everyone knows someone who has died, I said. Why is it so hard to think about dying?

  "Because," Morrie continued, "most of us all walking around as if we're sleepwalking. We really don't experience the world fully, because we're half-asleep, doing things we automatically think we have to do."

  And facing death changes all?

  "Oh yes. You strip away all that stuff and you focus on the essentials. When you realize you are going to die, you see everything much differently."

  He sighed. "Learn how to die, and you will learn how to live."

Tuesday with Morrie, P82-83
Mitch Albom
ISBN 978-0-7515-2981-4

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